When Do You Need A Pylon Sign?

When Do You Need A Pylon Sign?

Looking for the perfect way to identify your business or property in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex? Maybe you can use a pylon sign? But what are pylon signs?

What Are Pylon Signs?

Pylon signs are large, freestanding signs that are typically used to identify businesses and buildings. They often have sign panels which are quite big situated on a structure that is quite tall. A pylon sign might have a base of concrete, brick, or wood.

You Need A Pylon Sign To Increase The Visibility Of Your Business Or Property.

There are many signs you can use to identify your business and increase its visibility. Lighted signs, such as channel letters and cabinet signs, increase your visibility by standing out, especially at night and in the rain. Blade signs increase your visibility by using different angles. And sometimes you can increase your visibility by just using a really big sign. But pylon signs increase your visibility in a specific way.

You Need A Pylon Sign If You Have A Large Parking Lot Or Lawn.

Imagine a big box store in Denton, Texas. Big box stores, apart from being big themselves, typically have big parking lots. With such a large lot in between the store itself and the nearest main road, it can be difficult for drivers, and even cyclists and pedestrians, to notice the store itself. They might not think about your store or they might try to read a sign installed on your sign and simply be unable to make it out.

By installing a pylon sign beside the road or highway, you can greatly increase how many people notice your business. Double-sided pylon signs can be seen by people coming from either direction. And the larger your pylon sign panel, the greater its range of visibility.

You Need A Tenant Sign If You Manage A Commercial Property With Multiple Tenants.

A variation of the pylon sign is the tenant sign. This sign has the same structure, but it is comprised of several, often replaceable, sign panels. Each one identifies a different business on the property. Tenant signs are great for malls and mini malls. If a business moves out and is replaced by a different one, you can simply swap out that particular sign panel.

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