What You Should Know About Trade Show Banners

What You Should Know About Trade Show Banners

If you have a trade show coming up in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, you should learn about how trade show banners can help you achieve your goals.

Why Are Trade Show Banners Important?

Trade show banners are important because trade show displays are important. And trade show displays are important because trade shows are important. The Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex is home to dozens of trade shows every year. These shows offer business owners a chance to network, to monitor the competition, and to connect with a group of people who have self-selected as being interested in your products or services.

Unfortunately, you can’t always choose where you’re located within a trade center or convention center. You might be tucked away in a little-traveled corner or you could be right next to the big names in your industry. What you can control is your trade show display. A good display draws people into your trade show booth, room, or area, and provides people a sense of what your business is about and the character of your brand.

Why Are Banners Great For Trade Show Displays?

Fabric banners are flexible, versatile, easy to install,  and very inexpensive. This makes them great for trade show displays. A well-designed banner can help you attract as many people as possible to your trade show booth or area. You can emblazon your banner with your business’s name, logo, and/or slogan. Keeping a color scheme consistent with your brand’s aesthetic is also imperative. You can use banners as the primary components of your trade show display, or you can use them to supplement and draw attention to your other trade show signs.

What Are Your Trade Show Banner Options?

You have options for where you install your banner and how you orient it. You can hang a banner from the ceiling or across the entrance of your trade show room, booth, or area. However, not all trade centers and convention halls have the appropriate infrastructure to hang a banner.

That’s when you use vertical banner stands. Because they come with their own stands, you can set these banners up anywhere. Furthermore, the banner can retract into the stand, making it highly portable and durable.

Work With More Than Words Sign Solutions For All Your Trade Show Signage Needs In Fort Worth, TX.

More Than Words Sign Solutions can design and produce banners for your trade show in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. Or we can make banners for any other purpose. We make our signs right in our Haslet studio and we always work closely with our clients. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call (817) 769-8453.


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