What To Do—And What Not To Do—When Designing Trade Show Graphics

What to Do—and What Not to Do—When Designing Trade Show Graphics

The Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex is a big hub for trade shows and conventions, and if you have one coming up, here are the dos and don’ts of trade show graphics.

Do: Ensure All Your Trade Show Graphics Are On-Brand.

When hiring a sign company to design your trade show signs, take care that they are on brand with the aesthetic of your business. Branding includes obvious things like ensuring that your business’s name and/or logo is on your trade show signage, but there are also subtler, and equally effective ways. These include consistent use of color scheme, font, bordering, and other design elements.

Don’t: Rebrand Right Before A Trade Show.

A trade show can be a great place to debut new branding for your business. But if you’re going to do this, you have to make sure that all your other signage and materials are updated with the new branding, too. This means your store or headquarters, website, and promotional material.

Do: Get Plenty Of Trade Show Signs.

It’s difficult to know how many signs you’ll need for your trade show. It’s always wise to err on the side of having too many signs, though. With a surfeit of signs, you’ll be sure you can effectively identify and brand your area, and you’ll have replacement signs handy. If you don’t need all your signs, no problem, just don’t use them.

Don’t: Spend Too Much Money.

Of course, getting more signs means spending more. But trade show signs don’t have to cost a lot. These are, after all, temporary signs, so look for more affordable sign options for your trade show graphics, such as banners.

Do: Use Trade Show Banners.

Banners are maybe the quintessential trade show sign. They’re affordable, lightweight, portable, and easy to install. You can hang a horizontal or vertical banner from the ceiling or above an entrance. If you can’t or don’t want to hang banners, use vertical banner stands. You can stand these up wherever you want and they can even retract into the stand for better portability and durability.

Don’t: Cram Too Much Information Into Your Trade Show Graphics.

One common mistake people make is cluttering their trade show graphics with too much visual information. You don’t need your company’s history on a banner. Use the signs to get people to come to you. You can explain to them what you’re all about once they’re there.

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