What Signs Should Be Repaired?

What Signs Should Be Repaired?


Sign repair is sometimes necessary. But what signs are worth repairing and when? Here’s some important information to know about sign repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Sign Repair In Fort Worth, TX

At More Than Words Sign Solutions, we pride ourselves on the durability of our products. Whether it’s a banner, an LED sign, or a pylon sign, we only use high-quality materials and we take great care when producing signs in our Haslet, Texas, studio. Having said that, nothing lasts forever, not even well-made, durable signage. Many signs need occasional repair and maintenance. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, a repair, or a reprogramming, repairing your sign can save you money instead of simply replacing it.

What Signs Shouldn’t Be Repaired?

It might be easier to talk about the signs that shouldn’t be repaired. In today’s society, many of us tend to throw away things too casually. But even the most environmentally conscious of us must recognize that some signs just need to be replaced when they’re damaged or worn out. Banners, for example, are very affordable and hard to repair in a way that makes them look good. In theory, you could sew a banner back together if it rips, but it won’t look great, and your Texas business deserves excellent looking signage to represent itself.

If you use small engraved plaques to identify offices in your Fort Worth business, you can’t exactly re-engrave something after somebody retires. You’ll need to get a new plaque. Furthermore, if your vinyl window or wall lettering tears, you’ll have to get new letters made. These signs are inexpensive, so replacing them is no problem. For signs that require more investment, however, repairing and maintaining them is more economical.

More Than Words Sign Solutions Can Repair A Wide Number Of Signs In The Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex.

If the colors on a painted sign panel, such as on a monument sign, are fading, we can touch them up. If the post, arm, or crossbar on your post and panel sign has become bent, we can replace that part. If a light fixture has gone out in a lighted sign, we can replace it. We can also make new sign panels for cabinet signs.

More Than Words Sign Solutions Can Repair Your Signs In Fort Worth, Texas.

More Than Words Sign Solutions is a sign design, producing, installation, and repair company serving the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer all the repair services mentioned in this article and more to clients in Fort Worth and nearby. To learn more about sign repair, or our other services and products, please contact us via our website or give us a call at (817) 769-8453.


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