What Makes A Monument Sign Worth It?

What Makes a Monument Sign Worth It?

If you own a business, manage a property, or run an organization in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, you should consider if a monument sign can help you.

What Is A Monument Sign?

Monument signs are large outdoor signs. The panel of a monument sign can be made of wood, metal, plastic, tempered glass, or it can feature engravings in concrete or stone. The base of a monument sign can be made of wood, brick, or concrete, but other options may be available. Monument signs are typically used to identify and promote businesses or properties.

The key quality of a monument sign is that it’s typically not installed near the building or business to which it belongs. Monument signs are usually installed somewhere close to the nearest road.

What’s The Purpose Of A Monument Sign?

The reason monument signs are located near roads is because they’re meant to increase the visibility of businesses and properties. If there’s a sizeable parking lot or lawn between your business or building and the nearest street or highway, people will have difficulty making out any sign installed directly on your business.

People driving, cycling, and maybe even walking by simply won’t notice your business. If they’re looking for you, they’ll have trouble finding you. If they’re not, they won’t notice you and won’t be enticed to come inside. But a monument sign can solve all those problems.

Alternatives To Monument Signs

Monument signs are usually quite short and squat. For the same effect but with a taller sign, consider a pylon sign. These are great if your business is next a highway. For managers of properties with multiple business tenants, such as a strip mall, a tenant sign is a great alternative. Tenant signs display the names of multiple businesses that operate on the property. Usually, these names are sign panels that can easily be swapped out as tenants move in and out.

Things To Know About Monument Signs

Monument signs are quite large. You can’t install one on your own; they require professional installation. More Than Words Sign Solutions offers sign installation services to clients in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. We can also help you with sign permittance matters. Some jurisdictions regulate large outdoor signs, so you may need to apply for a permit for a monument sign.

Contact More Than Words Sign Solutions For A High-Quality Monument Sign.

More Than Words Sign Solutions is a sign company serving clients in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. We can design, make, and install monument signs for clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all the DFW Mid Cities. To learn more about monument signs, or our other products and services, please contact us via our website or call (817) 769-8453.


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