What Is Sign Permitting In Fort Worth, TX?

What Is Sign Permitting In Fort Worth, TX?

Discover why you might need a sign company to help you with sign permitting in Fort Worth, TX, why some signs need permits, and why the process is often confusing.

Sign Permitting In Fort Worth, TX

There are a number of things for which you might need a permit. But a sign? Why on earth would you need a permit for a sign? And permission from whom? Who has the right to tell you if you can or can’t install an acrylic sign welcoming guests into your Arlington lobby or an aluminum sign indicating parking spots reserved for the staff of your Mansfield pizza parlor?

Well, nobody. You don’t need permits for those signs or any signs like them. Permits only come into play when we’re dealing with large, outdoor signs. And sometimes, lighted signs, as well.

Why Do Some Signs Need Permits?

Signs need permits in the same way that you might need a permit to install a deck in your backyard, or a fence around your property. These are installations that could conceivably impinge on your neighbors and even affect their property value.

Then there are issues such as water mains and power lines. City councils and zoning boards have to ensure that people don’t interfere with this infrastructure by installing a large sign. In some cases, lighted signs can be considered a traffic hazard. If they are too bright, they might be deemed to be a potential distraction to drivers.

What Signs Need Permits?

It all depends on the jurisdiction in question. Fort Worth might require a permit of signs of a certain size, whereas Arlington has a different standard. Some signs that sometimes require permits to be installed include:

·       Monument Signs

·       Pylon Signs

·       Tenant Signs

·       Channel Letters

·       Cabinet Signs

·       School Signs

·       Traffic Control Signs

·       Restaurant Signs

More Than Words Sign Solutions Can Help You Secure The Sign Permit You Need In The Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex.

More Than Words Sign Solutions is a custom sign company serving the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer sign permitting services to our clients in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Mansfield, and all the DFW Mid Cities. We have on our roster several sign experts who can help you figure out if you might need a permit, to which board or government to apply for that permit, and help you with all the necessary paperwork.

Apart from sign permitting services, we also design signs, graphics, and logos for our clients, and then produce them in our Haslet studio. We can also install signs for anybody in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. To learn more about our services and products, please contact us via our website or call (817) 769-8453.


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