Vehicle Graphic FAQ: Top-10 Consumer Questions Answered

Vehicle Graphic FAQ: Top-10 Consumer Questions Answered

There are numerous reasons to get vehicle graphics, yet many people have some questions about the same. For advertising and marketing, vehicle graphics can truly be a game changer for your brand. If you are looking for these, we at More Than Words Sign Solutions can get your vehicle set up with graphics that stand out.

We understand that you may have some questions and hence we have a couple of them already answered for you. For any other information, contact our team and they will reach out.

1. What are vehicle graphics?

If your company has its designated vehicles, they could be used for advertising with a large sticker to promote your brand or any offering. This is one of the main purposes of having vehicle graphics, which are designed as per your brand’s needs.

2. How long do vehicle graphics last?

Vehicle graphics can easily last for about 5-7 years, so it’s a good investment for long-term branding. Of course, you will not run campaigns for that long, but if you consider putting your logo for brand awareness purposes, it is a good bet.

3. What are the benefits of vehicle graphics?

Other than being attention-grabbing, they are a non-aggressive form of advertising. They are not noisy and have a wider reach.

4. How to wash the car with the vehicle graphics on?

By using a mild detergent, you can get the dirt off your vehicle’s sticker.

5. Do vehicle graphics damage the car’s paint?

Contrary to this belief, vehicle graphics protects and covers a car’s paint.

6. Are they durable?

Yes, they are extremely durable and therefore suited for long-term campaigns and offerings.

7. How effective are vehicle graphics advertising?

In a day, you can easily expect more than 30000 impressions. Therefore, in the long-term, it is a good deal.

8. Can vehicle graphics be removed?

Yes, they can be easily removed with the help of professionals.

9. Do they get scratched easily?

The material that is used to create these graphics is strong enough to withstand mild scratches. But, for your graphics and messaging to not get missed, make sure to get them fixed with you notice some wear or tear.

10. Whom do I contact for vehicle graphics?

Contact our team at More Than Words Sign Solutions and we will help you create vehicle graphics that will stand out and be impactful.


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