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What are Applications & Permits?

Just because you own or rent a property doesn’t mean you can do anything you want on it. Erecting a 40-foot-high pylon sign, for example, might be the kind of thing that requires a permit.

Uses for Applications & Permits

Some laws and bylaws exist to protect the values of property and to foster a more harmonious community. That 40-foot-high pylon sign might cast a long shadow on your neighbor’s property, putting you in violation of a bylaw. Without applying for the proper permit, you could be forced to take your sign down and/or receive a heavy fine.

Types of Applications and Permits

Permits are most often required for large outdoor signs, but some jurisdictions have regulations on light pollution, meaning lighted signs might also fall under their purview.

Why Choose us for Applications and Permits?

Different jurisdictions have different application processes and require permits for different things. A sign that’s perfectly fine in Fort Worth might not be allowed in Mansfield. Furthermore, applying for a permit from the city of Arlington can be a very different process than applying for one to Tarrant or Dallas County.

Benefits of Choosing us for Sign Applications & Permits

At More Than Words Sign Solutions, we know which signs might need permits. We also know about the different application processes in different counties, such as Tarrant, Johnson, Denton, and Dallas, not to mention the different DFW-Mid-Cities. To learn more about sign applications and permits or our other services or products, please contact us.

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