Johnson Custom School Signs

What are School Signs?

Schools need signs for a variety of different purposes. The school boards of Texas have seemingly endless matters to discuss and tasks to perform; commissioning new signage is rarely a top-of-mind concern. However, the right signs make school administration a much easier job.

Uses for School Signs

School signs can identify schools, promote school spirit, discourage unsafe behavior, display wayfinding information, and more.

Types of School Signs

Building signs are used for identifying schools while architectural signage is used for identifying multiple buildings on the same school campus. A monument sign, pylon sign, or post-and-panel sign installed next to the road will boost the visibility of your school and make it easier to find. These signs can also display a school motto, logo, or seal. Some school signs utilize replaceable letter tiles so they can spell out different messages. Aluminum signs are great for displaying functional information, such as safety, legal, or parking lot messages.

Why Choose Us for School Signs in Johnson, TX?

You need a local sign company who can design school signs that are perfect for the spirit and identity of your school. We can make such a sign and we can ensure all your school signs meet the relevant ADA criteria.

Benefits of Choosing us for School Signs

At More Than Words Sign Solutions, we can design and manufacture effective and durable signs for schools in Johnson. To learn more about school signs or our other products or services, please contact us.

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