Pylon Sign Primer: Beginner’s Guide To Stand Out Signage In Fort Worth, TX

Pylon Sign Primer: Beginner's Guide To Stand Out Signage In Fort Worth, TX

Looking to upgrade your on-premise advertising system? Pylon signs might be what you need to drive sales, build authority, and help customers find your business in Fort Worth, TX.

Read on for a rundown of the basic characteristics and benefits of pylon signs so you can shop smart, or call (817)-769-8453 to schedule a consultation and learn more about Fort Worth’s most popular roadside advertising tool.

Pylon Sign Primer: Basics And Benefits For Fort Worth Businesses

What Are Pylon Signs?

Pylon signs, sometimes known as pole signs, are described simply in Fort Worth’s sign code as freestanding signs that are detached from a building and supported by one or more structural elements.

According to Chapter 6 of the Fort Worth Zoning Ordinance, pylon signs must be constructed with:

  • A maximum height of 8 feet at the right-of-way line, plus one additional foot in height for each one foot of setback, up to 25 feet
  • A maximum width of 16 feet
  • A maximum advertised message area of 300 square feet
  • Minimum ground contact of 50% of the structure’s width

Beyond these 3 basic elements—freestanding, detached, and supported by “architecturally similar” structures—and the sizing specifications listed in the Fort Worth Zoning Ordinance, just about anything is possible with your pylon sign design.

Pylon signs can be illuminated or unlit, double or single sided, and customized in any shape, size, or style you can dream up. And with our pylon sign experts there to guide you, the customization process is easy and enjoyable.

Why Invest In Pylon Signs For Your Business In Fort Worth, TX?

One of the foremost benefits of pylon signs is their conspicuity, which makes them ideal for wayfinding, local branding, and mass marketing to passing motorists. Their promotional power is owed to three main factors, each of which you control during the design stage:

  1. Height—Pylon signs lift your message up high, above passing vehicles and pedestrians, making it easier to spot at a distance and claiming your place in Fort Worth’s signscape.
  2. Size—Along with their height, pylon signs are big, supersizing your message for even better visibility at long distances or high speeds.
  3. Illumination—If you want to crank up the conspicuity even more, consider illuminating your pylon sign. Internal illumination is best—in one study by Garvey & Kuhn (2011), internally illuminated signs offered 40-60% improvements in nighttime legibility over externally illuminated signs—and we’ve got plenty of options in our pylon sign catalog, from lightboxes to LED message centers.

Conspicuity aside, pylon signs are also extremely cost effective. In one study by the Outdoor Advertising Association, every $1 spent on pylon signs and similar outdoor advertisements yielded a $3 sales return.

Lastly, pylon signs are very durable, lasting for many years with proper maintenance.

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