Is Sign Maintenance Really Necessary?

Is Sign Maintenance Really Necessary?


Sign maintenance in Fort Worth, TX, is absolutely necessary sometimes. Find out which signs sometimes need maintenance and why they need it.

Why Do Signs Need Maintenance In Fort Worth, TX?

Nothing lasts forever, not even the best made signs. Accidents happen, weather happens, rebrands happen, and many more things happen that all mean that certain signs need to be serviced, repaired, maintained, or updated. Over the course of running a business or organization, or managing a property, you will find it’s far more cost-effective and often easier to have certain signs maintained and serviced periodically to lengthen their lifespans. You will also likely find that repairing certain signs is more efficient and affordable than simply replacing them.

What Signs Need Sign Maintenance?

There are many different signs which might need maintenance or repairs over the years, but some of the signs that more frequently need maintenance typically fall into these categories:

1.      Outdoor Signs

It makes sense that outdoor signs need a lor more maintenance than indoor signs. Unless something has gone badly wrong, there typically isn’t any rain or wind indoors. Rain wears down signage and makes it look, well, weathered over time. And strong enough winds can outright tear down signs on occasion. Sun bleaching is also a problem for outdoor signs.

2.      Electronic Signs

Electronic signs are typically more effective at generating impressions than analog signs. An electronic sign is brighter and can generate the appearance of movement, both of which catch people’s attention. But it is true that there’s more that can go wrong with electronic signs. Light fixtures need to be replaced and sometimes rewiring is necessary. Another form of maintenance is simply reprogramming a digital sign to display a new a message.

3.      Painted Signs

Signs can use printing, engraving, or three-dimensional materials for their text and graphics. But if your sign includes paint, that paint will wear down over time just like the paint on your walls. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can have a sign looking good as new.

More Than Words Sign Solutions Offers Sign Maintenance And Repair In Fort Worth, TX.

At More Than Words Sign Solutions, we don’t just design, produce, and install signs in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, we also repair and help maintain them. We only use high-quality materials when we produce signs in our Haslet studio, but even finely crafted, durable signs need maintenance every now and again. That’s why we’re happy to give these signs the little boosts they need to keep looking great and effective. To learn more about sign maintenance, or about any of our other services and products, please contact us via our website or give us a call at (817) 769-8453.


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