How To Use Window Lettering Effectively

How To Use Window Lettering Effectively

Window lettering is a simple and effective form of signage; effective only if it’s installed correctly. Here are some tips to get the most out of window lettering.

What Is Window Lettering?

Window lettering is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. They are letters you adhere to windows for the purposes of identification, promotion, or to provide some kind of information. The letters are usually made of vinyl because vinyl is flexible yet relatively durable. It’s also inexpensive.

Window letters can be individually cut or be printed on a strip of vinyl. Window lettering is great for identifying businesses with front windows, for promoting businesses, for providing information such as addresses and hours of operation, and for advertising specific products. Window lettering is typically installed on the inside of windows to protect them from the elements, but they face out, so functionally they are outdoor signs.

Tips For Installing Window Lettering

Follow these steps for great, effective window lettering:

1.     Find A Good, Local Sign Company

You want a reputable sign company to make your window lettering. This is important for two reasons. For one, you want good vinyl that won’t easily tear. Second, the quality of the adhesive used is critical. Low-quality adhesive can cause the lettering to peel away easily or, even worse, can damage your window. As an added bonus, a local sign company can make you your letters fast and even install them for you.

2.     Choose The Best Color And Style

Visibility is paramount for all signage, so make sure you pick a color that’s easily readable. If possible, try to pick a color and font that are reflective of your brand. If your company uses blue and white coloring, then your window letters should be blue, maybe with white trim. Different fonts can convey different characteristics, so choose wisely.

3.     Orient The Letters Correctly

If you’re going to install your window letters yourself, it’s not difficult, but you have to make sure you get it right. Remember that the letters are projecting outwards, so you’ll be installing them backwards from the inside. Also, make sure the letters are where you want them because you can’t really reposition them.

4.     Create A Display Around The Letters

Window lettering can be enhanced by what else is in your window. If you’re going for a minimal aesthetic, then nothing else should be in the window. However, you can use products for sale, props, and other signage and graphics to embroider your window letters.

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