How Outdoor Signs Differ From Indoor Signs

How Outdoor Signs Differ From Indoor Signs

While some signs might look identical whether they’re installed indoors or outdoors, outdoor signs often have special qualities that differ from indoor signs.

Outdoor Signs Are Often Larger Than Indoor Signs.

Unless you manage a large warehouse or an arena, your indoor space is probably quite limited. You’re not going to install a 10-foot-tall pylon sign in the middle of a Mansfield restaurant, for example. Indoor signs have to work within their space.

Outdoors, however, there are often benefits to making a sign as big as possible. A large pylon, monument, or post and panel sign can really get people’s attention. Almost every business needs a sign outdoors that identifies and promotes it. Large signs do that better than small signs.

Visibility Is Critical For Outdoor Signs.

The larger a sign, the larger its radius of visibility. A sign panel that’s 16-foot squared will be seen further away than a sign panel that’s 8-foot squared, for example. In most cases, you want your sign to be seen from as far away as possible, so making your sign larger is beneficial. Of course, there are budgetary and logistical limitations on how large an outdoor sign can be.

Another tool to increase the visibility of your sign is illumination. Lighted signs generate more impressions simply by being brighter. This also makes them highly visible at night and in the rain, snow, and fog. For this reason, channel letters, cabinet signs, and LED signs are all popular outdoor sign options.

Durability Is Key.

Because outdoor signs are exposed to the elements, they have to be more durable than most indoor signs. You want your outdoor sign to last as long as possible, so it’s important to hire a sign company that constructs signs well and only uses high-quality materials. Durability concerns also make aluminum a good choice for informational signage, such as parking lot signs. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive but still durable.

Outdoor Signs Need More Maintenance And Repairs.

Even well-made, durable signs can use maintenance and repair. Outdoor signs tend to require more maintenance and repair. This could be replacing a bulb, replacing a letter in a channel letter sign, or a simple new coat of paint on a monument sign.

Sign Permits Are Sometimes Required.

Indoor signs don’t need sign permits, but sometimes outdoor signs do. Permits may be required by a municipal government or zoning board to ensure large outdoor signs don’t cast unwanted shadows on neighboring properties. Infrastructure such as underground pipes and electrical and telephone wires are also of concern.

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