Creative Uses For Trade Show Banners: 4 Ways To Extend Your Marketing Budget

Creative Uses For Trade Show Banners: 4 Ways To Extend Your Marketing Budget

Trade show banners work wonders advertising at local exhibitions, but that’s only one way to use these versatile marketing tools. And the more trade show banner applications you know, the greater your potential return on investment.

Read on to learn 4 more ways to use trade show banners once the exhibition ends, or call (817)-769-8453 to speak directly with a trade show banner specialist in Haslet, TX.

Trade Show Banners Attract Visitors And Drive Sales—But That’s Not All!

The number-one reason that business owners invest in trade show banners is because they really work at exhibitions.

In one study by the Center for Advanced Retail & Technology, researchers found that hanging trade show banners with product information and promotional messages increased visitor dwell time by 280%.

Echoing these findings, another study by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute reported that nearly two-thirds (64%) of trade show attendees stopped to browse booths and engage with product displays where trade show banners were present.

As these studies make clear, if you want to attract more visitors and drive sales at your next trade show appearance, trade show banners are a good investment. And if you’re already raring to place your order, this is probably the application you have in mind.

But be careful not to limit yourself—while trade show banners make great marketing tools at any of Fort Worth’s exciting exhibitions, there are plenty of other ways to put trade show banners to work for your business. And the more ways you find to use your trade show banners in different marketing contexts, the greater your total return on investment.

Read on to learn 4 more ways to display your trade show banners in different contexts, or call (817)-769-8453 to start a trade show banner consultation straight away.

Get More For Your Money: 4 Ways To Reuse Your Trade Show Banner

  1. Reuse custom trade show banners as tablecloths and runners—Our premium vinyl holds up to spills and tabletop usage; it’s easy to clean, store, and set up; and it keeps your brand image in front of diners and attendees all night long.
  2. Reuse custom trade show banners as finish lines for races and community events—Should your business ever host or sponsor a community race or charity run, your trade show banner can serve double-duty as a finish line for the frontrunners to crash through and celebrate their win.
  3. Reuse custom trade show banners as cover-ups—If you’ve got a corner under construction, a pile of inventory you’ve yet to sort, or any other unsightly thing you need to hide in your store, your trade show banner can do the job while creating even more opportunities for brand exposure.
  4. Customize trade show banners to empower campaign creatives—If you’re interested in creating video content with green screen special effects, you can order one side of your banner in classic chroma key green. This will give you all of the usual branding power on one side, and the ability to create any backgrounds in video content with the other. Not only are our banners cheaper than special chroma key paint or fussy fabric screens; they’re also wrinkle-resistant, easy to set up in any room, and available in matte finishes to reduce the risks of color spill.

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