Building Signage Showcase: Pros And Cons Of 5 Popular Sign Types

Building Signage Showcase: Pros and Cons of 5 Popular Sign Types

There are many types of signs and getting them designed for your business would mean that you would have to take into account all the pros and cons that also come along. While every sign is effective in its way, you need to weigh the benefits it offers to your business. If the cons are too many, you should consider getting another type of sign designed for your business. If you are looking for sign types and solutions, get in touch with us at More Than Words Sign Solutions, and our team will help you execute some of the best signs that produce results. In the meanwhile, take a look at some of the popular signs and their pros and cons.

1. LED signs

Pros: Can be seen from afar, and hence you can reach a wider audience. This is a popular building signage, that can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Cons: If the lighting goes off at crucial times, the sign will not be able to deliver the value it should.

2. A-frame signs

Pros: This type of sign can be seen from a distance and is suitable for promoting sales and special offers.

Cons: In windy conditions, they can become unstable and can also become difficult to read from a distance.

3. Banner signs

Pros: This building signage is probably one of the most popular ones that businesses have been using for years. They can be mounted anywhere you wish for your target audience to read and get to know about your product.

Cons: While they are very effective, when mounted high up, they could be struck by weather conditions like lightning, which could destroy the sign.

4. Pylon signs

Pros: The best feature of this sign is that it can be read from a faraway place as well, and if it is lighted, it creates a bigger impact.

Cons: Maintenance of a pylon sign is not easy. From cleaning to changing the lighting, it is not easy to care for and maintain them.

5. Storefront sign

Pros: It is a popular choice among many businesses because it is not just generally effective but also an economical option for advertising your offerings.

Cons: There can be a problem when it comes to the visibility of these signs.

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