Mansfield Custom Building Signage

What is Building Signage?

Technically, any sign installed on the exterior wall of a building could be called a “building sign”. In practice, sign experts typically reserve the term “building signage” for signs that identify the building on which they are installed. When used as part of sign system on a number of related buildings, such as on a campus, building signage is usually called “architectural signage”.

Uses for Building Signage

You can see building signage all over the Mansfield because they’re basic yet they’re versatile. Any public building needs to be identified but building signage can also provide wayfinding information and can be used for branding purposes.

Types of Building Signage

Metals such as aluminum, brass, and stainless steel are common materials for building signage. Building signage can also be illuminated. Sometimes building signage isn’t actually on the buildings themselves but rather on something like a monument sign.

Why Choose us for Building Signage in Mansfield, TX?

More Than Words Sign Solutions can help you decide what materials, font, colors, and style work best for the brand and aesthetic of your Texas business, organization, or institution, as well as building signage that fits your budget.

Benefits of Choosing us for Building Signage

At More Than Words Sign Solutions, we can design, manufacture, and install eye-catching and durable building signage for clients in Mansfield. To learn more about building signage or our other products or services, please contact us.

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