Building Signage For Beginners: 6 Tips For Better Sign Selection And ROI

Building Signage For Beginners: 6 Tips For Better Sign Selection And ROI

Signage is one of the most important aspects of building branding. From directional signs to building identification, signage helps to create a memorable and consistent experience for your customers, visitors, and employees. But for those just getting started with signage, it can be hard to know where to start. We at More Than Words Sign Solutions can help you develop any type of signage that will help your business grow. But before that, if you’re just getting to know all about signage, then here are six tips for selecting signage that will provide the best return on investment (ROI).

  1. Choose the right material: This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when selecting signage. Different materials offer different benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right material for your project. Consider factors such as cost, durability, and the type of signage you’re looking for.
  2. Pick the right size: Too big and the sign will be overwhelming; too small and it won’t be noticed. Consider the size of the sign relative to its surroundings, as well as your budget.
  3. Select an appropriate font: Fonts can be used to convey a certain message or feeling, so it’s important to select one that fits the tone of your brand. Be sure to select fonts that are legible and easy to read from a distance.
  4. Integrate colors: Colors can be used to grab attention and create a lasting impression. Consider what colors will be most effective in conveying your message and selecting a design that stands out.
  5. Go for quality: High-quality signage will last longer and look better over time. Investing in quality materials can help ensure that your signs stay looking their best.
  6. Hire professionals: If you’re unsure of where to start or have specific requirements, it’s best to hire professionals to help with the design and installation of your signage. A qualified sign maker can help ensure that your signage meets all local regulations and looks its best.

By following these six tips, you can ensure that your signage is effective and provides the best ROI. From choosing the right material to selecting the right font, taking the time to select the right signage for your building can help ensure that it’s effective and memorable. Contact us today if you are looking for professional signage solutions that make an impact.


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