Beginner’s Guide To Post And Panel Signs: 3 Popular Options In Fort Worth, TX

Beginner’s Guide to Post and Panel Signs: 3 Popular Options in Fort Worth, TX

Post and panel signs are one of the most popular sign solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. These signs, also known as wallplates or wall signs, are typically installed on walls. For instance, you can put a post sign on the outside of your building to alert passersby about your business, or mount a panel sign right near the door to display important information such as hours or policies. You can even use these signs in kiosks, small retail shops, restaurants, and other establishments that have a limited footprint. They’re also an affordable solution compared to other marketing tools such as digital displays or large-format posters.

Understanding post and panel signs: The effectiveness of post and panel signage can be greatly influenced by the size of your panel. The panel needs to be big enough to show your company name and other marketing information that you wish to promote. A post and panel sign that is the right size will seem impressive, but one that is too small will have words that are too small to read from the street. So, you need to make sure that readability is enhanced so that you gain maximum returns on your investment when it comes to designing these signs. Therefore, make sure to strike a balance between that and your available space. It will look odd to position a large sign on a little plot of ground, and the posts should be large enough to support the panel as well.

The 3 most popular options that businesses generally choose to design their post and panel signs are the following:

  1. Aluminum
  2. Wood
  3. Vinyl

You could even choose metal to design your signage. Whatever you choose, you can add options like trim and molding to enhance the look of your post and panel signs. Depending on what you desire, the panels can also employ several colors, fonts, and artwork. The language on the panels should be large and bold enough for people to read from a distance, much like on any sign.

If you are looking for design and installation services for your post and panel sign requirements in Fort Worth, TX, contact us at More Than Words Sign Solutions and we will be happy to assist you with all your signage needs. Our skilled team will handle every requirement with ease and provide you with only the best outcomes.


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