Are Lighted Business Signs Worth The Investment?

Are Lighted Business Signs Worth the Investment?

If you run a business somewhere in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, you want your commercial signage to attract attention. Can lighted business signs do that?

Are Lighted Business Signs Worth The Investment?

Yes, lighted business signs are worth investing in. We won’t make you read the whole article to get your answer. However, there are caveats to that answer. Any sign can be effective in the right circumstances, and a lighted business sign may not always be your best option. But while lighted business signs are typically more expensive than a similar non-lighted sign of the same size, they often make up for that extra investment, and then some.

When Are Lighted Business Signs Worth It?

Lighted business signs are most often used to identify businesses. They’re often used outdoors, but can also identify businesses indoors, such as in malls or office buildings. Examples of lighted-business signs include cabinet signs, channel letters, and LED signs. Pretty much any sign can be lighted by shining lights on them, such as lights installed on the ground that point up toward a monument sign.

Lighted signs have a greater range of visibility than a sign of the same size which is not lighted. Their brightness also means they can outcompete other visual stimuli. Illuminated signs are especially valuable in adverse weather conditions. Rain, fog, and the occasional flurry of snow can obscure other signage, but lighted business signs shine right through it, as they also do at night, of course.

LEDs Have Greatly Improved Illuminated Signage.

The advance of LED technology has really changed signage. Incandescent bulbs expend 90% of their energy on heat, not light. Fluorescent lights are more efficient, but the light they give off is harsh and bluish. Neon lights look nice, but they lose their gas over time and have to be replaced. LEDs are very efficient, saving you money on your energy bill. Twenty years ago, the light they gave off didn’t look great, but now they look amazing and can even mimic neon signs. And they last a long time. Lastly, a board of many small LEDs can be programed so that different bulbs light up at different times, displaying graphics, images, and even mimicking movement.

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