Irving Custom Architectural Signage

What is Architectural Signage?

“Architectural signage” can simply mean any sign that is installed on the outside of a building that identifies that building. Most often, however, architectural signage refers to signs that are a part of a series—a sign system—that is installed on multiple related buildings.

Uses for Architectural Signage

The archetypal architectural sign system is one that appears on a series of interconnected or associated buildings. Signs on campus buildings are a good example. The University of Texas at Arlington uses architectural signage to identify and brand their buildings. Business parks and government complexes also use architectural signage.

Types of Architectural Signage

Architectural signage can be made of plaques, aluminum signs, channel letter signs, door signs, post and panel signs, and even monument signs.

Why Choose Us for Architectural Signage in Irving, TX?

Good architectural signage doesn’t just identify buildings, it should do so in a way that represents your business or institution as accurately as possible. This makes design very important. Even non-profit organizations and educational institutions have a brand, so you need your architectural signs to be custom-designed. If your Irving outfit is respected, you need architectural signage that displays the appropriate level of reverence.

Benefits of Choosing us for Architectural Signage

At More Than Words Sign Solutions, we can design, manufacture, and install durable and effective architectural signage for clients in Irving. To learn more about architectural signage or our other products or services, please contact us.

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