8 Outdoor Sign Options To Consider

8 Outdoor Sign Options to Consider

There are tons of different signs outdoors across the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. Here are nine outdoor sign options to consider for your business or property.

1. If Your Texas Business Has A Storefront, You Should Use Outdoor Signs On Your Storefront To Identify And Promote Yourself.

We begin our list of outdoor signs with signs that are often, technically, indoors. A big part of many storefronts are storefront windows. These windows offer a great opportunity to install vinyl lettering or graphics that identify and promote your business. While technically on the inside of the glass, these graphics project outward, so they can be considered outdoor signs.

2. Cabinet Signs Are A Lighted Outdoor Sign Option.

The cabinet of a cabinet sign holds a light fixture that projects through the sign panel. By illuminating your outdoor sign, you increase its visibility both in terms of distance and at night and in the rain.

3. Channel Letters Are Another Illuminated Outdoor Sign Option.

Cabinet signs are great for displaying two-dimensional text and graphics, but if you want to use all three dimensions, consider channel letters. These are 3D, lighted letters that can convey a lot of character with font and color.

4. Monument Signs Increase A Business’s Visibility.

Imagine an Arlington restaurant with a large parking lot. People driving by might not be able to make out any sign on the restaurant itself because it’s so far away. A monument sign by the side of the road is much more noticeable.

5. Pylon Signs Fulfill Similar Roles To Monument Signs.

While monument signs tend to be wider and closer to the ground, pylon signs are usually taller. These are great if you own a business off the Tom Landry Freeway, for example, and want drivers to be able to see your business from a considerable distance.

6. Tenant Signs Promote Multiple Businesses.

Tenant signs usually look like pylon signs, but they have sign panels that identify and promote several businesses that share the same property. Tenant signs are useful at malls, strip malls, and other business complexes.

7. Banners Are Great Supplemental Or Temporary Signs.

Not all outdoor signs have to be permanent. Banners can support and bring attention to more stable signage or promote events, such as sales and grand openings.

8. Aluminum Is A Great Material For Outdoor Signs.

Aluminum is a component in many outdoor signs. Flat, rectangular aluminum signs are great for functional information, such as parking restrictions and no loitering signs.

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