6 Popular Monument Sign Options To Consider In 2022-2023

6 Popular Monument Sign Options To Consider In 2022-2023

Did you know, there were different types of monument signs? Yes, there are and you can pick among some of the most popular ones that we have covered in this post. At More Than Words Sign Solutions, we design, install and make sure to take up maintenance for every signage we deliver so that you can receive the best value. So, if you are interested in these signs, firstly you need to understand their purpose and then choose the popular ones to consider in 2022-2023.

What are monument signs for business?

These signs are just like pylon signs but the major difference is that they are placed much lower. For people passing by and wishing to know the location of your business, these are placed at eye level for easy readability. Read on to know the different types of monument signs you can take advantage of.

  • Illuminated signs: As the name suggests, these signs are lighted up to provide prospective customers with vital information. They provide great readability even in the dark, which is why you should consider them.
  • Directory signs: Placed outside your business or store, these outdoor directory signs are crucial for people to locate you.
  • Panel and post signs: Lightweight and versatile, the signs are a great option to promote your business.
  • Banner and pylon signs: Take advantage of the long poles and use it for effective branding. You need not place your logo too high, just at the right level for easy readability.
  • Readerboards: Although you may not want to consider this option, it works well for your business especially if it is placed among other establishments because it becomes almost unmissable.
  • Building monument sign: If your business is located in one building among other offices, these signs are great as they display your logo to make people aware.

There are many materials to choose from and an infinite number of designs to pick from, whatever you choose, you can trust our expertise in delivering what you wish.

So, get in touch with our team, tell us your ideas, and we will help you execute them. If you need consultation services, we will be happy to provide that to you as well. With all the relevant experience and expertise, we are here to deliver monument signs that make a difference to your business in a positive way.


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