6 Great Types Of Building Signage

6 Great Types Of Building Signage

Building signage is any sign that is installed on a building, usually for the purposes of identifying that building. Here are six great building signs.

1. Some Building Signage Is Architectural Signage.

An “architectural sign” is the same as a building sign, except this term is usually reserved for similar-looking building signage that appears on a number of different but related buildings. The University of North Texas in Denton, for example, uses architectural signage on its campus.

2. Channel Letters Are Simple, Illuminated Building Signage.

Channel letters are individually crafted, illuminated letters. The illumination makes the letters visible from greater distances as well as at night and in the rain. Channel letters can use different fonts and colors to match the aesthetic and characteristics of your brand.

3. Blade Signs Help Buildings And Businesses Get Noticed From Different Angles.

A sign on the front of your building might not always be sufficient. Imagine a café on the north side of a busy, but narrow, Arlington street. People on the south side of the street can see the front of the café fine, but people walking on the north sidewalk, as well as drivers and cyclists going west, are too close to get a good look at it. A blade sign projects from a building and displays two sign panels in opposite directions. This way, people traveling west or east can see the panel of the blade sign and will thus notice this Arlington café.

4. Some Building Signs Aren’t On Buildings At All.

Speaking of different perspectives, sometimes buildings are far from the nearest street. A Denton grocery store might have a large parking lot that means people on the nearest road are too far away to notice a building sign. A monument or pylon sign installed next to the road solves this problem.

5. Window Graphics Can Also Act As Building Signage.

While on the inside of the window, vinyl window lettering and other graphics can project outward and identify a building and promote a business.

6. Aluminum Is A Material That Offers Possibilities For A Different Type Of Building Sign.

You might need to install some building signs with other purposes. You may want to display parking information, ask people not to loiter, or deliver other information. Aluminum is a good material for these signs because it is lightweight and inexpensive.

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