5 Keys To Effective School Sign Design: Inform And Impress Your Audience

5 Keys To Effective School Sign Design: Inform And Impress Your Audience

To get around a school, signage is a necessity. Even though it is a practical necessity, it does not mean that it cannot be pretty. Sometimes, you would want some attention to be drawn to particular signage because you want to bring attention to the messaging or it could even be for brand awareness. But often that is missed because the signage is not appealing enough to grab the attention of the passer-by. We at More Than Words Sign Solutions are happy to help you create and display the right sign so that your messaging can be seen and remembered. School signs can gain recognition and attention if you keep these 5 key details in mind.

  1. Learn and know all about the environment you intend to put your signage. Ask yourself questions like – is this place a high-traffic area that will get enough attention? How close will the sign be to your viewers? There are many other factors relating to the environment you are placing your school signs in that need to be taken into consideration.
  2. Use colours that are eye-catching and at the same time not too dull nor too bright. Accentuate some parts of the text that hold more meaning so that you can get the messaging out there loud and clear.
  3. Another great trick that will bring attention to the school signs is by keeping them simple. Sometimes, too many elements can just ruin all efforts that are put into creating signage. Therefore, keep the text and visuals simple so that you attract attention and at the same time your message is out there loud and clear.
  4. Use typography to your advantage as it has the power to attract more attention. Using varying weights of a font can provide more visibility to important parts of the messaging. Of course, using a simple font can do the trick as well, but typography will just have more heads turning towards your signage.
  5. Lastly, make sure to not jam-pack your signage with too much information. Not every blank space on your sign needs to be filled with details. Use the sign efficiently to put just enough information so that your core messaging is not lost.

If you are looking for school signs that will make a difference, we at More Than Words Sign Solutions will help your design just the right sign. Contact us today.


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